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Hot Off The PM&R Press: Early ICU Rehabilitation

September 9, 2016

In this segment, we are doing a brief rundown of the (somewhat) recent JAMA article discussing the merits of intensive standardized rehabilitation vs. usual practice. Follow us on Twitter @PMRBlast or You can e-mail us at

Host: Ben Abramoff
Co-Host: Erin McCarty
Intro Music: Music by Longzijun
Outro: Drankin' Song by Kevin Macleod
Today's Article: Morris PE, Berry MJ, Files D, et al. Standardized Rehabilitation and Hospital Length of Stay Among Patients With Acute Respiratory Failure: A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA. 2016;315(24):2694-2702. doi:10.1001/jama.2016.7201.

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